Minecraft Skins: About Epic Minecraft Skins

What are Minecraft Skins?

In the game of Minecraft players may change the appearance of their player by providing a Skin file. Minecraft Skins have been available for the desktop (PC/Mac) version of Minecraft for quite some time, with the option of changing skins being made available for console versions of the game in 2014. In 2015, the release of Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.11.0 (for iOS, Android and Windows Phone tablets and smartphones) adds the ability for Minecraft players to change their skin on the mobile version of the game.
For more about Minecraft Skins including a complete history and changes by version of platform of Minecraft please visit the Minecraft Gamepedia Skin Page.

How do you Change Your Minecraft Skin?

Changing a Minecraft Skin: PC/Mac

Changing your Minecraft skins depends upon which version of Minecraft you are using. On the desktop version of the game, changing your skin is intended to be done by logging in to the Minecraft.net site and then subsequently changing your skin. By “changing your skin” we mean that you provide the .PNG file of the skin you would like your in-game player to have.

Changing a Minecraft Skin: Pocket Edition

Changing your skin in Minecraft Pocket Edition use to only be achieved through hacks using techniques such as side-loaders or other approaches such as direct file replacement. With version 0.11.0 Minecraft Pocket Edition will fully support changing player skins. To change a Minecraft player skin using Minecraft Pocket Edition the player changes their skin using the Options menu. Skins in the .PNG file type that are stored on the player’s device can be selected.

Sharing Minecraft Skins

If you have a Minecraft Skin that you would like us to consider for inclusion on this site, visit the Submit a Skin page by clicking on the navigation link above. Simply attach the .PNG file, tell us a bit about the Skin and submit it. Skin files will be reviewed at the discretion of the site owners and we cannot guarantee that your skin will be posted.