Minecraft Skin – Marley Xia Venus Gonzalez Kurosaki

Minecraft Skin - Marley Xia Venus Gonzalez Kurosaki

This Minecraft girl/female Skin is named Marley Xia Venus Gonzalez Kurosaki. Uploaded by Epic Minecraft Skins Fan Jordy, we not only love this skin because it’s a great skin, but because of the detailed background Jordy provided. Here’s how Jordy described the creation:

This is an made up character what I did for my own anime series, known the name “World. ” She’s an Korean, and she’s lived in USA for a couple of decades by her husband, known as Marlon Saturn Venus Komuro, that he is in the US Army for a decade. She’s a modeler, and an all-women sports athlete, who’s has been one of the best athletes and modeler in the world. She’s twenty years old, and she’s an Christianity for two decades. As you can see her hair, your thinking that’s highlights? Your kinda right, but that’s her spirit highlights. Spirit highlights is an ultralight dye for showing its expressions. Every expression had it’s own color, what she’s expressing on her skin is sky blue, so it means she’s happy, also means normal. Her other expression skins will be uploaded soon, and I’ve been making them forever. That’s all who she is, and I hope you love this skin.

Yes, we love it, too, Jordy! The skin is available in the 64×64 (2015) format and downloadable below!

Minecraft Marley Xia Venus Gonzalez Kurosaki Skin

Created by: Jordy

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